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Mazda Reliability vs Honda: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the realm of automotive reliability, the debate between Mazda and Honda has garnered much attention. Both brands have earned their places as popular choices among consumers, but which one emerges as the more reliable option? In this article, we dive deep into the world of Mazda and Honda vehicles to unveil the truth about their reliability, exploring factors that influence this critical aspect of car ownership.

Understanding Reliability Ratings

Reliability ratings serve as the compass for car buyers navigating the vast landscape of choices. These ratings provide insights into a brand’s consistency in performance and durability. When considering Mazda and Honda, these ratings play a pivotal role in determining their reliability.

Commonly Purchased Models

Zooming in on commonly purchased models, we encounter the Mazda 3 and the Honda Civic. The Mazda 3, ranked ninth on Repair Pal’s list of reliable compact cars, boasts a reliability rating of four out of five stars. On the same list, the Honda Civic secures the third spot with an impressive rating of four and a half stars. Clearly, Honda’s reputation for reliability shines through.

Reliability Ratings Comparison

Delving further, we directly compare the reliability ratings assigned to these brands. The Honda Civic’s 4.5/5 rating trumps the Mazda 3’s 4/5 rating, emphasizing Honda’s edge in consistency. Zooming out to brand-level ratings, both Mazda and Honda earn a respectable four out of five stars. However, the distinction emerges in their rankings among top car brands. Mazda claims fifth place out of thirty-two, while Honda proudly secures the coveted first place.

Most Reliable Models

The MX-5 and the Honda Accord take the spotlight as the most reliable models in their respective lineups. Repair Pal’s ranking places the MX-5 at eighth among the most reliable subcompact cars, boasting a solid four out of five reliability rating. In contrast, the Honda Accord triumphs as the most reliable midsize car, securing the coveted top position with a reliability rating of four and a half.

Repair Costs and Gas Mileage

For the budget-conscious consumer, repair costs and gas mileage are crucial considerations. On average, the Mazda 3 incurs around four hundred thirty dollars in annual repair costs, slightly higher than the Honda Civic’s three hundred sixty dollars. Turning to fuel efficiency, the Mazda 3 offers respectable numbers—twenty-eight miles per gallon in the city and thirty-six on the highway. However, the Honda Civic outshines with thirty-three miles per gallon in the city and forty-two on the highway.

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Affordability and Initial Purchase Price

While a thousand-dollar difference separates the initial purchase prices of the 2021 Mazda 3 and the 2021 Honda Civic, the long-term financial benefits of the latter come to the fore. With lower repair costs and superior gas mileage, the Honda Civic proves to be the more wallet-friendly option in the grand scheme of ownership.

Popularity and Public Opinion

Statistics often align with public opinion, and this holds true for Mazda and Honda. Car Logos’ survey reveals Honda as the second most popular car brand in the US, while Mazda stands at the 25th spot. The popularity gap signifies a preference for Honda among consumers, further reinforcing its reputation for reliability.

Sales and Annual Profits

Numbers speak volumes in the automotive industry. In 2020, Honda’s impressive sales figure of nearly 1,200,000 cars significantly outshines Mazda’s almost 300,000. This efficient sales engine is mirrored in the brands’ annual profits, with Honda enjoying a substantial 20% profit margin compared to Mazda’s modest 2.5%.

Choosing Between Mazda and Honda

In the showdown of Mazda vs. Honda reliability, the scales tip in favor of Honda. With higher reliability ratings, lower repair costs, superior gas mileage, and greater popularity, Honda emerges as the smarter choice. When making a decision about car ownership, these factors align to create a compelling case for choosing a Honda vehicle.


Reliability serves as the backbone of car ownership, influencing the overall ownership experience. In the realm of Mazda vs. Honda, the data unequivocally points to Honda’s dominance in the reliability department. From commonly purchased models to annual profits, the numbers underscore Honda’s superiority. When seeking a reliable, cost-effective, and well-rounded driving experience, Honda stands tall as the brand that delivers.


Mazda’s reliability is commendable, but Honda’s consistently higher reliability ratings make it the more reliable choice.

On average, Honda vehicles tend to have lower repair costs compared to Mazdas, contributing to their cost-effectiveness.

While popularity doesn’t directly determine reliability, Honda’s higher popularity aligns with its superior reliability.

Honda’s annual sales greatly surpass Mazda’s, highlighting its stronger market presence and consumer trust.

While profit margins can reflect financial stability, Mazda’s modest profit margin doesn’t necessarily diminish its vehicles’ reliability.

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