how to bypass ford pats system without key

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key?

In the realm of vehicle security, the Ford PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System) stands as a safeguard against theft and unauthorized access. However, situations might arise where you need to bypass this system. This article delves into the intricacies of bypassing the Ford PATS system without a key, discussing methods, software options, precautions, and the importance of seeking professional assistance.

Understanding Ford PATS System

Ford’s PATS system, introduced in the late 1990s, utilizes a transponder key to prevent engine ignition without the correct key. The system operates by requiring communication between the transponder in the key and the vehicle’s computer. If an unauthorized key is used, the engine won’t start, bolstering security.

Bypassing Ford PATS System

Using Two Working Keys for Programming

To bypass the Ford PATS system, having two working keys is essential. This DIY approach involves entering a programming mode and adding new keys. Insert the first key into the ignition and turn it to position II (run), then insert the second key within five seconds and turn it to position II. A chime confirms entry into programming mode. Repeat this step for each new key.

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PATS Delete Software

PATS Delete software offers an alternative solution. It removes the factory-installed anti-theft system, making starting the vehicle more convenient. However, it comes with trade-offs in terms of security. Installing the software requires basic mechanical skills, involving battery disconnection and accessing the computer module.

Alternatives to Chip Key

Diode and resistor bypass kits offer alternative methods. A diode bypass kit allows connection to the ignition switch, bypassing PATS entirely. A resistor bypass kit tricks the system into recognizing a chip-present key. Replacing the PATS module with a programmed counterpart is a more complex yet permanent solution.

Disabling Ford PATS System

For those seeking to disable the PATS system, finding the PATS fuse is the first step. Removing this fuse will disable the system, but it also impacts remote start, alarm, and keyless entry features.

Precautions and Professional Assistance

While bypassing the PATS system might seem enticing, it’s crucial to strike a balance between convenience and security. Tampering with the system can increase vulnerability to theft and damage vehicle components. Seeking professional advice ensures modifications are carried out correctly and legally.


In the realm of automotive security, the Ford PATS system serves as a barrier against theft. While bypassing it is possible through various methods, it’s important to consider the trade-offs. Convenience should not come at the cost of compromising vehicle security. Whether using software, kits, or seeking professional help, it’s essential to prioritize safety and ensure proper implementation.


Disabling the PATS system on your own is possible, but it’s not recommended due to security risks and potential damage to your vehicle. Seek professional assistance for any modifications.

Yes, PATS Delete software makes starting your vehicle more convenient but compromises security. It’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before deciding.

Resistor bypass kits can work, but they might not offer the same level of security as the original PATS system. Their effectiveness can vary.

A programmed PATS module provides a more permanent solution, as it maintains the security features while allowing you to use your existing key.

While mobile locksmiths can provide assistance with key-related issues, tampering with the PATS system is a complex task that requires specialized expertise.

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