can you buy a little bird helicopter

Can You Buy a Little Bird Helicopter?

The Little Bird Helicopter, officially known as the A/MH-6 Little Bird, is an iconic aircraft known for its use in military and special operations missions. With its nimble size and versatile capabilities, it has captured the imagination of aviation enthusiasts and those fascinated by military technology. However, a burning question remains for some: Can civilians buy a Little Bird Helicopter?

Can Civilians Buy a Little Bird Helicopter?

The short answer is, technically, yes, civilians can buy a Little Bird Helicopter. However, there are significant challenges and regulations associated with such a purchase.

Overview of Civilian Helicopter Ownership

Owning a helicopter as a civilian is a dream for many. It offers unparalleled freedom and the ability to access remote locations. However, helicopters are not your typical mode of transportation, and owning one comes with unique responsibilities and requirements.

Restrictions and Regulations for Helicopter Purchases

Before diving into the excitement of owning a Little Bird Helicopter, prospective buyers must be aware of the legal and regulatory hurdles they will face. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations dictate the rules for civilian helicopter ownership, and these apply to the Little Bird as well.

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The Appeal of the Little Bird Helicopter

The Little Bird Helicopter has gained legendary status due to its use by elite military units, particularly in special operations. Its small size allows it to navigate tight spaces and land in confined areas, making it an invaluable asset in critical missions. But what makes this aircraft so appealing to civilian buyers?

Unique Features and Capabilities

The Little Bird’s unique features, such as its compact size, make it ideal for various tasks in the civilian sector. From aerial surveying to search and rescue operations, the helicopter’s versatility opens up a world of possibilities.

Potential Uses in Civilian Sector

While military missions often grab the headlines, the Little Bird Helicopter has the potential to play a vital role in the civilian sector as well. Its ability to reach remote areas, transport goods, and conduct surveillance makes it an attractive option for businesses and organizations with specific needs.

Availability and Sources

Finding a Little Bird Helicopter for sale is not as simple as browsing an online marketplace. These helicopters are highly specialized and relatively rare in the civilian market. Where can interested buyers find them, and what should they expect in terms of availability?

Where to Find Little Bird Helicopters for Sale

The search for a Little Bird Helicopter typically leads potential buyers to various specialized channels. Auctions, military surplus dealers, and private sellers are some of the sources to explore.

Price Range and Considerations

The cost of a Little Bird Helicopter can vary significantly depending on several factors. From the condition of the aircraft to its history and modifications, buyers must carefully consider their budget and expectations.

Legal and Licensing Requirements

Before taking to the skies in their newly acquired Little Bird, buyers must meet specific legal and licensing requirements.

Pilot License and Training

Operating a helicopter like the Little Bird demands a pilot’s license with specific helicopter qualifications. Buyers must undergo the necessary training and obtain the appropriate certification.

Additional Certifications and Training for Specialized Equipment

Incorporating specialized equipment into the Little Bird may require additional certifications and training for the operators. Understanding these requirements is crucial for safe and legal operation.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Owning a helicopter comes with ongoing maintenance costs and considerations. Ensuring the Little Bird remains airworthy and reliable involves careful planning and budgeting.

Understanding Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is an essential aspect of helicopter ownership. Potential buyers must be aware of the costs associated with routine inspections, repairs, and upgrades.

Support and Spare Parts Availability

As a specialized aircraft, the availability of spare parts and technical support is critical. Securing reliable sources for maintenance and repairs is essential for the longevity of the Little Bird.

Challenges and Considerations

While the allure of owning a Little Bird Helicopter is undeniable, there are significant challenges and considerations that potential buyers must weigh carefully.

Operating Costs and Budgeting

Owning and operating a helicopter is a significant financial commitment. Understanding the long-term operating costs and budgeting accordingly is vital for a successful ownership experience.

Environmental Impact and Noise Regulations

The environmental impact of helicopter operations and noise regulations must be carefully considered. Addressing these concerns responsibly is essential for sustainable helicopter ownership.


Owning a Little Bird Helicopter is a thrilling prospect, but it comes with unique challenges and responsibilities. For those who are passionate about aviation and up to the task, the opportunity to own this iconic aircraft is a dream come true.


A1: Yes, decommissioned military helicopters like the Little Bird can be purchased by civilians, but there are regulations and restrictions to consider.

A2: Yes, flying a Little Bird Helicopter requires compliance with FAA regulations and airspace restrictions.

A3: Common modifications for civilian use include equipment for aerial surveying, cargo transport, and search and rescue operations.

A4: The maintenance cost of the Little Bird can be higher due to its specialized nature and limited availability of spare parts.

A5: Some civilian helicopter training centers may offer specialized training for the Little Bird, but availability may vary.

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