campagnolo calima vs mavic aksium

Campagnolo Calima vs Mavic Aksium: Choosing the Perfect Wheelset for Your Ride

In the world of cycling, the choice of wheelset can make a substantial difference in your riding experience. Two prominent contenders in the market, the Campagnolo Calima and the Mavic Aksium, have garnered the attention of cycling enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the features, strengths, and weaknesses of these two wheelsets to help you make an informed decision for your cycling adventures.

Campagnolo Calima: Unveiling Italian Engineering

The Campagnolo Calima wheelset emerges as an enticing option, offering a blend of Italian engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Technological Advancements in an Affordable Package

The Calima presents an entry-level option without compromising on Campagnolo’s technological advancements. Despite its affordability, it provides cyclists with a chance to experience Campagnolo’s renowned wheel quality.

Handcrafted Precision for Quality Assurance

Crafted by hand with precision, the Calima undergoes accurate technology measurements to ensure top-notch quality. This results in a cost-effective yet reliable wheelset that tackles challenging terrains.

The G3 Spoke Pattern and C17 Rim: Combining Strength and Performance

The rear wheel’s G3 spoke pattern enhances strength, while the low-profile C17 rim, coupled with aero spokes, reduces weight. This combination makes the Calima an ideal training wheel for cyclists of all levels.

Mavic Aksium: Legacy of Quality and Performance

The Mavic Aksium wheelset carries the legacy of Mavic’s dedication to quality and performance, catering to both professional cyclists and enthusiasts.

Deep Roots and Iconic Cosmic Wheelsets

Mavic’s reputation in the cycling industry is solidified by iconic wheelsets like the Cosmic model. With a history dating back to ’94, Mavic has a proven track record of catering to professional peloton demands.

Trickle-Down Technology for Exceptional Performance

The Aksium benefits from Mavic’s experience in building high-performance wheelsets. Trickle-down technology from its predecessors ensures that even the Aksium boasts impressive features.

Hand-Built Quality from Romania

The Aksium stands out not only for its quality but also for its hand-built construction in Romania. This meticulous approach contributes to its overall performance and reliability.

Campagnolo Calima vs Mavic Aksium: Performance Comparison

Let’s dive into a head-to-head comparison of key performance factors between the Campagnolo Calima and the Mavic Aksium.

Weight and Aerodynamics: Finding the Balance

Both wheelsets strike a balance between weight and aerodynamics, enhancing overall ride efficiency. The Calima’s low-profile design aids aerodynamics, while the Aksium’s careful construction keeps weight in check.

Riding Comfort and Grip: Tire and Rim Compatibility

The Calima’s C17 rim, compatible with a range of tire sizes, offers comfort and grip. Similarly, the Aksium’s wider rim allows for mounting tires of varying widths, enhancing the riding experience.

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Tubeless Capabilities: A Versatile Choice

Both wheelsets cater to modern demands by offering tubeless capabilities. The Aksium’s UST tubeless system, along with the Calima’s compatibility with tubeless tires, provides a versatile range of options.

Durability and Bearing Performance: The Longevity Factor

The Calima’s isobilateral construction and machined spoke seats contribute to its durability. On the other hand, the Aksium’s well-sealed Mavic QRM 2RS bearings enhance its service life, making both wheelsets dependable choices.

The Decision Dilemma: Campagnolo or Mavic?

Now that we’ve explored the strengths of each wheelset, let’s weigh the options.

Campagnolo Calima: An Italian Touch of Excellence

For those seeking a taste of Italian craftsmanship and innovative technology, the Calima offers a reliable entry point. Its meticulous construction and renowned Campagnolo quality make it a noteworthy contender.

Mavic Aksium: The Legacy of Professional Performance

If you’re drawn to a legacy of professional cycling performance and hand-built precision, the Aksium caters to your needs. Its trickle-down technology and quality construction set it apart.


In the Campagnolo Calima vs Mavic Aksium showdown, both wheelsets bring unique attributes to the table. Your choice ultimately depends on your preferences, whether it’s the Italian touch of Campagnolo or the legacy of Mavic’s professional performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Campagnolo Calima C17 Road Wheelset earns a high overall score of 8.7/10, thanks to its optimal combination of features, quality, and value.

Yes, with the appropriate tape and valves, the Mavic Aksium can be set up as a tubeless wheelset, providing a hassle-free and efficient riding experience.

With a competitive price point, improved braking performance, and compatibility with light tires, the Mavic Aksium offers excellent value, making it a worthy upgrade from stock wheels.

Both the Campagnolo Calima and Mavic Aksium offer suitable options for climbing. The Calima’s lightweight build and sturdy construction are ideal, while the Aksium’s design and quality assure an efficient climb.

The Campagnolo Calima’s C17 rim is ideal for use with progressively popular tire sizes ranging from 25mm onwards, providing versatility for different terrain and riding preferences.

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